2018 Election Day

WOTCA accomplishes our mission by cooperating with local officials without regard to any party affiliation and by stimulating responsible citizenship. So here is non-partisan ballot information for Election Day on Nov 6th:

*All winners now in bold*:

Candidates for United States Senator (Virginia)

Corey A Stewart – Republican

Timothy M Kaine – Democrat (incumbent)   https://timkaine.com/

Matt J Waters – Libertarian

Candidates for Representative (Virginia 8th District)

Thomas S Oh – R

Donald S Beyer, Jr – D (incumbent)   http://friendsofdonbeyer.com/

Candidate for Mayor (Alexandria)

Justin M Wilson – D (current vice mayor)   http://www.justin.net/

Candidates for City Council (Alexandria)

Michael S Clinkscale – R

Kevin F Dunne – R

Canek Aguirre – D   https://www.canekforcouncil.com/

Elizabeth B Bennett-Parker – D   https://www.elizabethforalx.com/

John Taylor Chapman – D (incumbent)   https://www.chapman4council.com/

Amy B Jackson – D   https://amyjacksonva.com/

Redella S “Del” Pepper – D (incumbent)   http://www.delpepper.com/

Mo Seifeldein – D https://www.facebook.com/MoSeifeldein/

Mark Leo Shiffer -Independent

Candidates for School Board (Alexandria District A)

Marc B Solomon

W Christopher Harris

Michelle M Rief   http://www.michelleforalexandria.com/

Jacinta E Greene   http://jacintagreene.com/

Christopher A Suarez   https://www.suarezforschoolboard.com/

William E “Bill” Campbell

Proposed Commonwealth Constitutional Amendment 1 – PASSED

Should a county, city or town be authorized to provide a partial tax exemption for real property that is subject to recurrent flooding, if flooding resiliency improvements have been made on the property?

YES – A “yes” vote meant you DO agree to authorize the General Assembly to allow localities to provide this partial tax exemption wherein the General Assembly and the localities would be allowed to place restriction or conditions on the qualification for the exemption.

Proposed Commonwealth Constitutional Amendment 2 – PASSED

Shall the real property tax exemption for a primary residence that is currently provided to the surviving spouses of veterans who had a one hundred percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability be amended to allow the surviving spouse to move to a different primary residence and still claim the exemption?

YES – A “yes” vote meant you DO AGREE to allow these surviving spouses to move to a new principal place of residence that is owned by the surviving spouse and still claim this exemption.

*JOIN/RENEW w annual dues of $10/person or $25/business via WOTCAalexandria@gmail.com*


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