About Us


Our mission is to promote the interests of the residents of Alexandria, Virginia and, in particular, the general welfare of the residents and real property owners of the West Old Town neighborhood. We accomplish our mission by 1) fostering sound and constructive progress in cooperation with local officials, without regard to any party affiliation, 2) encouraging free and open discussion on all appropriate matters properly brought before the organization, and 3) stimulating community service and responsible citizenship.


Our WOTCA neighborhood boundaries are Cameron Street on the south, N West Street on the west, Wythe Street on the north and N Columbus Street (including its 700 block) on the east. A map of the WOTCA neighborhood boundaries is located on our home page.


Contact the WOTCA Board Members – WOTCAalexandria@gmail.com 

Dino Drudi – President     N West Street

Peter Prahar – 1st Vice President     N Payne Street

(vacant) – 2nd Vice President

Donna Reuss – Treasurer     N West Street

John Craig – Secretary     N West Street


WOTCA Bylaws (current as of Oct 2009)


WOTCA is a member of the Alexandria Federation of Civic Associations (AFCA), whose purpose is to foster a better Alexandria for all. AFCA provides a city-wide and non-partisan forum for the exchange of information and ideas among its local neighborhoods by encouraging a free-spirited and continuing dialogue between community leaders and the city’s elected officials and appointed representatives.


Alexandria Federation of Civic Associations     https://alexafca.org/

City of Alexandria Government     www.alexandriava.gov

Visit Alexandria     www.visitalexandriava.com

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce     www.alexchamber.com

TC Williams High School     www.acps.k12.va.us/tcw

George Washington Middle School     www.acps.k12.va.us/Domain/10

Jefferson-Houston School     www.acps.k12.va.us/houston

Matthew Maury Elementary School     www.acps.k12.va.us/maury

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority     www.wmata.com

*JOIN/RENEW w annual dues of $10/person or $25/business via WOTCAalexandria@gmail.com*

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