Neighborhood Issues


Why pay WOTCA membership dues? This is what we do for our members! Here are some of our current issues that WOTCA monitors and addresses:

-City implementation of the Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan

-City plans regarding development and density in the city and our neighborhood

-City regulations regarding parking spaces and access in our neighborhood

-City plans for public housing in the city and our neighborhood

-City actions since the consolidation of the Parker-Gray Historic District’s Board of Architectural Review (BAR)

-City enforcement of the evening rush hour prohibition on N Fayette and N Payne Streets

-City implementation of the Wet Weather Program regarding the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) system

-WMATA actions to upgrade and maintain the Braddock Road Metro Station (especially the 2019 Summer Shutdown)

-Continuing accreditation of Jefferson-Houston school, Matthew Maury Elementary School, George Washington Middle School and TC Williams High School

-Police and Fire-EMT activity in our neighborhood

-City code administration in our neighborhood

-Partnering on projects and events with Braddock Metro Citizens Coalition (BMCC), with whom we share overlapping boundaries and interests

Why pay WOTCA membership dues? This is what we have done for our members! Here are some of our biggest past WOTCA successes: 

-Provided regular updates regarding the 2019 WMATA Summer Shutdown (inc a direct communication link with WMATA and the City)

-Launched the City’s first ongoing Community Policing program

-Secured restrictions for truck traffic to middle lane of US-1 which positioned trucks’ carbon-emitting smoke stacks away from residents’ windows

-Secured city signage for return of on-street parking on Patrick and Henry Streets

-Secured city signage to properly channel southbound evening traffic on US-1

-Secured rehabilitation of Helen Miller Park, including a basketball court and the children’s designation

-Collaborated with Jefferson-Houston School to rid the school grounds of crime

-Collaborated with Jefferson-Houston School to earn and continue K-5 accreditation

-Partnered with our Congressman to ensure that the City’s Braddock Metro Small Area Plan committed to the eventual full-acre Braddock Park

-Negotiated language into Braddock East Master Plan to secure funds from future area development to be used for off-site replacement of public housing

-Negotiated language into the Braddock Metro Small Area Plan that prioritizes streetscape improvements in neighborhood, including N Fayette Street

-Negotiated language incorporated into the Braddock Metro Small Area Plan that established the Community Amenities Fund

-Convinced the City to incorporate reforms of the Parker-Gray Board of Architectural Review to make homeowner renovations less costly and onerous

-Convinced the City to use First Street instead of Patrick/Henry Streets for bus route to Braddock Road Metro station

-Defeated a City proposal to expand the King Street trolley route to Del Ray via N West Street

-Participated in development of alcohol standards for service establishments in our neighborhood

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